Sardine Dog Paté
Sardine Dog Paté
Sardine Dog Paté
Sardine Dog Paté

Sardine Dog Paté

Sardine Dog Paté

Indulge your pup's inner gourmand with Loonawell Sardine Paté, a delicatessen treat packed with the goodness of the sea. This gourmet spread isn't just delicious, it's formulated with your dog's health in mind.

Loonawell Sardine Paté is brimming with omega-3 fatty acids, nature's gift for promoting a healthy immune system. It nourishes your dog from the inside out, keeping them looking and feeling their best.

The star of the show? The supreme and unmistakable flavour of sardines. But we haven't stopped there. We've infused the paté with zesty capers and a touch of refreshing lemon, creating a delightful complexity that will tantalize your dog's taste buds.

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Ingredients: Organic chickpeas, water, sardines, organic olive oil, organic lemon, organic capers, organic rosemary, additives: antioxidant (tocopherol-rich extract of natural origin)

Nutritional properties:
Omega-3 fatty acids/100g: 150 mg

Vitamins/100g: Vit. B1: 0.06mg, Vit. B2: 0.02mg, Vit. B5: 0.14mg, Vit. E: 7.3mg, Choline: 32.9mg

Minerals/100g: Ca (Calcium): 40mg, Cu (Copper): 0.18mg, Fe (Iron): 1.4mg, K (Potassium): 160mg, Mg (Magnesium): 28mg, Mn (Manganese): 0.65mg, Na (sodium): 27mg, P (Phosphorus): 90mg, Zn (Zinc): 0.85mg.

Amino Acids/100g: Alanine 351mg, Aspartic acid 889mg, Arginine 641mg, Glutamic acid 1.16g, Glycine 309mg, Histidine 220mg, Hydroxyproline <200mg, Isoleucine 331mg, Leucine 590mg, Lysine 569mg, Ornithine <50mg, Phenylalanine 429mg, Proline 313mg, Serine 387mg, Threonine 300mg, Tyrosine 230mg, Valine 366mg, Cysteine +Cystine 97mg, Methionine 118mg, Tryptophan 79.7mg.

Energy/100g 630kJ (151kcal)
Protein 7.6 %
Fiber 1 %
Fat 8.4 %
Moisture 67%
Ash 0.6 %

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